Technology Challenged

Technology Challenged

Understanding Our Creations & Choosing Our Future

Written by Miguel F. Aznar

 Why to Buy:

  • Enhances technological literacy.

  • Gives a simple strategy for understanding and evaluating any technology

  • Makes sense of rapid change by revealing the underlying patterns in technology’s history and future

  • Connects to a middle school curriculum on critical thinking, helping parents and teachers support the learning process

  • Empowers readers to identify and choose technology that is good for them, their community, and our civilization

  • Supports the philanthropic activities of KnowledgeContext, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit corporation through a portion of the profits from sale of this book.

  • Tells many interesting stories.

Where to buy:

Single copies from Amazon or multiple copies from KnowledgeContext (please email us for details).

 About the Book Topic:

Technology has transformed our world from the first stone tools through development of agriculture, writing, printing, global transportation, global communication, computing, genetic engineering, and much more.  When we used the same technology as our parents and their parents, we needed no more than to know how to operate a few objects.  Today, technology’s generations pass more quickly than human generations.  Further, our choices in education, career, politics, and health are predicated on rapidly changing technology.  How do we understand enough about our creations that we can make informed choices?  How can we choose our individual and collective future?

Book Description:

Stories from the Hawaiian Bobtail squid’s use of bacteria to simulate moonlight to an Australian aboriginal tribe’s mythology-based evaluation of axes and canoes illustrate a nine-step strategy for understanding and evaluating any technology.  By painting a big picture view of technology, this book offers context, an antidote to information overload.  From that perspective, it reveals the simple patterns underlying all technology, allowing us to see what does not change in a technological world of rapid change.


 Author Information:

Miguel F. Aznar is Executive Director of KnowledgeContext. He is passionate about teaching how to understand and evaluate technology. Mr. Aznar discovered this calling after studying electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California at Berkeley and working as a software engineer (NASA, Amdahl) and management consultant (Ernst & Young, AT&T). He speaks publicly on this issue of technological literacy at conferences and on the media.