Oct 28

Plasma skull and bowling balls

skull glowing frontVideo of the skull encasing a plasma globe created in the last session of Miguel’s Science Class is on YouTube, linked from the skull image.

We discussed states of matter (who knew there was more than plasma?!?), identifying which states tend to persist in volume and shape with change of pressure.  Playing with a balloon, glass of water, and ice cube illustrated this pattern. We also applied the ideal gas law with simple numbers.

We discussed how we should drill holes in our 5 bowling balls for the Newton’s Cradle, and then drilled them.  One ball had a cut or crack between the 2 holes through which we wanted to loop our paracord, so we tapped a new hole and then tunneled from that one to one of the original holes.


states of matterbowling ball drilling considerations bowling ball tapping new hole bowling ball through hole drilling bowling ball

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