Jan 09

Newtons Cradle spin

IMG_3526 IMG_3528Our Newton’s Cradle nears completion.  We are discussing how to secure the cords suspending bowling balls to the saw horse.  In the time we had, we spun the bowling balls.  See the balls behave like gears and also climb up their suspension cords:

We inverted a honey jar and observed the speed of air bubbles, large and small.  Our dry erase board shows our discussion with formulas of the bubbles’ volume (encouraging fast rise because surrounding honey is denser than air) and surface area (discouraging fast rise because of friction).  This assumes spherical bubbles, but seems a good approximation.  Also on the board are notes for Max’s soccer ball energy recovery project, showing how he might arrange peizo-electric cells in series, parallel, or both.IMG_3532

We also watched behavior of 5 different lava lamps:

Jeanette is considering a project to build an electric lava lamp.  She has previously brought in an Alka-Seltzer–powered version.


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