Apr 22

Newton’s Cradle completed

Newtons cradle 1Maverick built a giant cradle with five 15-pound bowling balls.  The saw horse rocked, so we could use stabilization, perhaps with guy wires/strings extending from each end, similar to tent strings attached to ground spikes.  Balls slipped out of line after a few collisions, so we could use a 2nd sawhorse and string balls between the two, keeping balls lined up. With one ball pulled up, we could get 4 or 5 collisions (back and forth) before failing alignment dispersed energy.

Pictured: Maverick using a level to adjust height of bowling balls during assembly. Videos below show various tests, including spinning, which would not be possible with a 2nd saw horse keeping balls in line.

Lava lamps temp check diagramming lava lamps lava lamp temp diagramUsing an infrared thermometer to measure temperature at 3 different levels of 5 different lava lamps at 2 different times.  Dry erase board diagrams 1st (red) and 2nd (blue) measurements. Maverick developed 3 hypotheses for patterns in temperature.  Hottest being in the middle was a tempting hypothesis, but the lava lamps near the middle did not support it.

magnet game 1 magnet game 2

Game of sliding magnet scout past magnet mines into goal.  Tested various patterns of 4 mines guarding 12″ goal with magnetic goalposts.  Used “rattlesnake eggs” for all magnets. Experimented with speed and angles of shot, as well as pattern of mines.

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