Nov 04

Lava lamp and optic fiber


optic fibers 3optic fibers 1optic fibers 2 In Miguel’s Science Class we played with optic fibers and watched a documentary on the history of glass.lava lamp

We discussed plasma as a 4th state of matter, discovering through a bit of research that, like the gas state, it has no definite shape or volume.  Plasma does interact with electric and magnetic fields, unlike gas. We played with a plasma globe, noting heating when holding for a prolonged period.

Jeanette brought a lava lamp to fuel with Alka Seltzer tablets, which dissolve when dropped to the bottom of the bottle to release carbon dioxide, CO2.  Bubbles of CO2 attach to the colored water sitting at the bottom of the bottle (water is denser than this oil).  Combined, the gas and the water are less dense than the oil, buoying to the top, where the gas escapes and the water, abandoned, falls back to the depths.  Watch our video to see some gas-water pairings struggle to make it to the top by clicking on the bottle.


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