About Us

What do we do?

KnowledgeContext is an educational not-for-profit corporation that helps young people think critically about technology. KnowledgeContext believes that all children should be offered the tools for thriving in a world where technology is changing how we study, what careers are available, the issues on which we vote, what we buy, and how we take care of ourselves.

Why is It so important?

Technology pervades our world like never before. It plays a part in every political, social, and economic decision we make. And it changes ever more rapidly, which means children will not be able to function in society without the ability to think about technology from a big picture perspective. Knowing how to use the newest computer or cell phone is not the same as knowing how to put technology—all technology, past, present, AND future—into context.  Unfortunately, technology education in our schools often teaches technological competency (how to operate technology) not technological literacy (how to understand and evaluate it).  Critical thinking about costs and benefits becomes more important as technologies become more powerful and have greater societal impact.  See a comic strip introduction.

How are we doing it?

Our approach is to provide tools that put technology into context (from the first stone tools to the printing press to genetic engineering) and enable us to understand and evaluate technology.  Our primary tool is a curriculum called ICE-9, which we provide to teachers for integration into their classrooms. ICE-9 connects technology to the core standards being taught in 5th-8th grade classrooms, and has been used in Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Sacramento, and San Jose, California.  We promote the curriculum and its underlying concepts to teachers, parents, school administrators, and other concerned parties through our book, conference presentations (video), media interviews, and other outreach efforts.  Print our brochure or watch an interview with a parent.  See what you can do to help.  Or search our site.