Dec 09

Hunting polarized lenses in an old TV






Inspired by an Exploratorium exhibit called Watching Water Freeze, we placed very thin mica between two polarized lenses to get a similar effect of rainbows.  See the video I took of the Exploratorium exhibit created by Charles Sowers.

Disassembling TV 1

Disassembling TV 2Disassembling TV 3Since we have just two small polarizer sheets, we disassembled a broken LCD TV to harvest its polarizer sheet.  Photos show the the breakdown process.  We used nail polish remover to separate the plastic polarizer sheet from the cracking glass, with some success, but the sheets came off in pieces and cloudy.  Soap and water cleared some of the cloudiness, but we will try other cleaners. See the video we took of the liquid inside the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

We experimented with melting a crayon in hot water, hoping to find an ingredient for a DIY lava lamp.  Crayons from OfficeMax floated, which would not work for us since we want them to sink when solid and float when liquid.  Crayons from Dollar Tree did sink, so we placed one in a beaker of water and that into a pot of water on a gas flame (double boiler).  Water in the pot boiled, but in the beaker did not exceed 74 C, which was insufficient to melt the crayon.  After half an hour, we abandoned the proof-of-concept because we would want our DIY lava lamp to run from an incandescent light, much cooler than a stovetop flame. I bought a Lava Lite but it arrived with broken bulb, so am waiting for replacement bulbs to arrive.

Trying to melt a crayon in hot water

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