Content standards

KnowledgeContext’s ICE-9 curriculum complements, not replaces, curricula on science, mathematics, history-social science, and English-language arts.  It threads these core content areas together with the theme of technology.

As important as these core content areas are, students may not recognize the relevance to their own lives.   ICE-9 connects core content areas to the tools and toys young people value: computers, musical instruments, sports equipment, MP3 players, video games, cars, etc.  Promoting interest may promote performance.

ICE-9 puts core content areas and technology into a context, a big picture view for young eyes.  Further, it serves as a stand-alone curriculum for technology and addresses specific elements in content standards.  These connections are illustrated here using the California State Board of Education content standards in the areas of Science, Mathematics, History-Social Science, and English-Language Arts:

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