Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 12

Ring of magnets cool hand?


Phoenix and Maverick thought they sensed a cooling of their hands when placed within a ring of magnets, so they created an experiment to see if their impressions were accurate and what the pattern might be.  They hypothesized that the magnets could exert a pull on the iron in the blood of the hand, causing …

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May 07

Wind Tunnel and Wiffle Balls

Maverick’s interest in flying saucers led us to studying fundamentals of aerodynamics.  We dropped wiffle balls into a vertical wind tunnel made from a shop vac and sliced 3-liter soda bottles.  The balls behave differently, usually hovering at one of two heights, so we took 3 balls, weighed them, inspected their surface (noticing some had smooth seams …

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May 05

Electrolysis and camp towels

separating hydrogen and oxygen

Max brought a 12V battery and a jar with two tufts of steel wool separated by a sock.  He used baking powder as an electrolyte in the water.  Wiring the jar to the battery worked well, creating enough hydrogen and oxygen to ignite with a match to create the pop you can see and hear …

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