Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 22

Newton’s Cradle completed

diagramming lava lamps

Maverick built a giant cradle with five 15-pound bowling balls.  The saw horse rocked, so we could use stabilization, perhaps with guy wires/strings extending from each end, similar to tent strings attached to ground spikes.  Balls slipped out of line after a few collisions, so we could use a 2nd sawhorse and string balls between …

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Apr 14

Falling through the earth and black hole math

Black hole math

Dave Francis was our guest today.  He apologized for the state of the earth that our generation is leaving for the generation of students.  He then challenged them to devise solutions.  Max, Rhys, and Maverick tackled population, thinking up solutions that Dave and I critiqued and also helped with. Ideas ranged from sending old people …

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Apr 09

Oscilloscope and oscillators

555 oscillator with 3 capacitor placements

    Guest Keith Gudger brought his digital storage oscilloscope to demonstrate. Max brought his State Science Fair-bound project to the be first subject of the oscilloscope.  Max has improved his energy-gathering soccer ball since we last saw it, now using 5 piezoelectric transducers, each with its own bridge rectifier to charge a single capacitor. …

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