Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 12

Newton’s Cradle big or bouncy

bouncy with plans 2

Jeanette designed and built a bouncy Newton’s Cradle.  She stapled dental floss to glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls and suspended five of them from a framework of skewers, coffee stirrers, and a paper towel tube.  Alignment of floss and stability of frame prevented the ideal bouncing of balls, we suspect. Click on the photo on the right …

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Nov 08

Nano-Link 2015 Day 2

The first day of the 2014 Nano-Link Conference in Minneapolis is blogged at Here’s day 2: Maya Blue is the name of the colorant  found in murals from Mesoamerica dating back many centuries. The remarkable thing about Maya Blue is that it lasts, it does not degrade with time, chemicals, or ultraviolet light. Thomas Higgins of …

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Nov 07

Nano-Link Conference 2015

The 2014 Nano-Link Conference in Minneapolis ( focused on nanoscience/ nanotechnology education. I Miguel) attended to learn about teaching nanotechnology in high school. Here is some of what interested me: Karen Arnold of Nanocopoeia ( said a great high school project would be anything that requires students to define a problem, design an experiment, execute …

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Nov 04

Lava lamp and optic fiber

optic fiber 1

  In Miguel’s Science Class we played with optic fibers and watched a documentary on the history of glass. We discussed plasma as a 4th state of matter, discovering through a bit of research that, like the gas state, it has no definite shape or volume.  Plasma does interact with electric and magnetic fields, unlike gas. We …

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